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First Time Semi Truck Financing - Houston, TX

Go To Truck Dollars for Amazing First Time Semi Truck Financing Near Houston, TX

If you’re having trouble financing a semi-truck for your company for the first time, head to Truck Dollars for the financing programs near Houston, TX. Our owner-operator finance programs are great for first-time leasees. We offer only high-performing Class 8 trucks no older than seven years and have a limited amount of miles. These limitations help to avoid excess wear and tear on our trucks before they are leased out. With up to a $70,000 finance amount and terms for up to 42 months, you are sure to find an excellent fit for your company’s needs. Plus, the application process couldn’t be any easier. You just have to fill out the application and send it in. That’s all. No tax record or bank statements are ever needed. Once your application is sent in, you can expect an application decision by the end of the day. We want to provide quick and easy leasing options, so your company never misses a beat. 
We also offer a terrific Driver Support Program for our reliable, loyal customers. We always want our customers to be fully prepared for success. This exclusive program ensures just that. When you sign a finance contract with us, your truck or trucks will receive a certified inspection from TA truck service or one of our other independent regional providers. This inspection is to make sure everything is up to par and performing at the ultimate level. We also provide three free oil changes within the first six months and a fuel card program that will save a ton at the pumps. The goal of our top truck leasing company serving Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas is to set each of our customers up for the most success possible.
The expert team at Truck Dollars makes first-time semi-truck financing near Houston, TX, a genuine team effort. We will be there to help guide you every step of the way, even once the deal is finalized and the title is in your name. While other truck leasing companies will make you deal with excess finances like fuel, oil changes, and repairs on your own, we provide substantial discounts to make those costs much more manageable. When accidents happen, or parts wear down, we make sure you’re covered from the start of our deal. Our $2,000 pre-approved repair loan is meant to help ease the financial woes of significant repairs. It comes within our Driver Support Program. We also have Free Insurance representation available if you need it and Repair Advocates on staff for any assistance you may need with major repair jobs. We always have your back.
Feel free to call or email our team if you would like to get the ball rolling or if you happen to have any questions about the process as a whole. Our commitment to our customers and dedication to providing the best service and care possible puts us head and shoulder above the competition. That’s why Truck Dollars is the perfect choice for first-time semi-truck financing in Houston, TX.

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