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Used Truck Financing

Used Class 8 Truck Financing

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We'll help protect your cash, build your credit and plan for the future.


This program is for:

  • First-time buyers

  • Owner Operators with fewer than four trucks


We finance:

  • Class 8 trucks up to nine model years old that have not been overhauled or rebuilt

  • Fewer than 799,999 Miles

  • One active truck loan per borrower

  • Advances up to $70,000

Why we’re different:

  • Driver Support Program included with all Loans

  • We report to PayNet which builds your business credit

  • First payment due up to 60 days after you take delivery – Conserves your cash while you get started

  • Application only, no extra statements required

  • Approvals in under 4 hours

  • Pre-Approvals offered, so you can shop and later

These services are unique to our program. We’re proud to provide them as another way to help ensure your success.

Your occupation has its ups and downs, so we offer:

  • The opportunity to use your security deposit toward a monthly payment

  • The option to add a repair reserve


And to save money, you’ll receive:

  • Tire purchase discounts with TA Truck Service

  • Discounts on tax prep and more with ATBS

  • Fuel card discounts of 40¢ or more per gallon



Kelly Brandstatter
W 262-253-7524
C 414-507-9022
Janet Johnson
W 262-253-7539
C 262-644-4077
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