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  • Fee Based Access to Driver Advocacy Services

  • No Assistance with Warranty Discounts

  • Only Available Through Large Carriers

  • Lower Discounts Offered

  • Varies

  • Discounts on Limited Number of Brands 

  • Regular Maintenance Service Prices

  • Pay Full Price for Fewer Benefits

  • Pay Full Price for Trailer Tire Changes

  • Limited Short Term or High Interest Payment Plans

  • 24/7 Repair Center Access for Help with Repair Center or Invoice Auditing

  • Discounts on Warranty Purchases

  • Discounts on GPS and e-record Products

  • Fuel Card Discounts - 20 cents off every gallon of fuel

  • $20-50 off Every Oil Change

  • Tire Purchase Discounts for All Major Brands (steer and drive tires from $35-250 off depending on tire selection)

  • 10-20% off Minor Repair Services

  • $100 off Roadside Assistance Every Year

  • Discounted Stand-Alone Trailer Tire Program

  • Repair Loans from $8-$60,000 with Easy Extended Repayment Terms

  • Save up to $250 or more on tax prep and business solutions for Truck Drivers

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