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Participating Partners

Fuel Discounts Available

Contact Janet Johnson at 262-253-7539. She can help you get your fuel card and take advantage of discounts averaging above 40 cents per gallon at over 1,200 locations nationwide. You will also be able to download an app to help find the best pricing and discounts along your route.


ATBS (American Truck Business Services) is providing a free consultation call and demo of the ATBS Hub to Russ Darrow customers! And... are also giving you 18% off of their RumbleStrip Professional Services. Click on the link below to learn more details (or call 866-920-2827) and see why so many of our customers work with them!


Talk to TA Petro about available discounts from 10% to 20% off tires and minor services for our Truck Renew Plan members. The TA Call Center has all the information you need to schedule discounted services or take advantage of tire savings - Call them at 440-872-6267 to qualify for a discount.

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