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Financing for Commercial Truck Repairs
Pittsburgh, PA

Financing for Semi Truck Repair Near Pittsburgh, PA Is Made Easy At Truck Dollars

If you’re in need of expert financing for semi-truck repairs in the Pittsburgh, PA area, make sure you check out Truck Dollars first. When you lease an affordable 18-wheeler with us, we don’t simply have you sign on the dotted line and then send you on your way. We want to make sure you are fully prepared and well covered if anything happens while you’re out on the road. Let’s face it, no matter how well you maintain your truck, components are bound to break down, and when they do, we want to help. Other used truck leasing companies will make you pay out of pocket for any repairs, including major ones. They offer no financial assistance at all. However, at our top used truck leasing company serving Pittsburgh, PA, we have your back. We never want you to foot the whole bill on your own. You have a business to run and other finances to take care of. So when it comes to truck repairs, we will always take some of the load off. Our financing programs include excellent repair coverage plans, including a $2,000 pre-approved repair loan if you need it. We also offer a Free Hardship Plan that uses your security to cover emergency payments. Our on-staff Repair Advocates are always available if you need help with major repairs, and if you’re looking for insurance, we offer Free Insurance Representation as well. 
At Truck Dollars, we don’t just help you with financing for semi-truck repairs in the Pittsburgh, PA, area. We offer excellent savings elsewhere as well! Our financing programs are built to benefit your business, not to simply line our pockets. Some truck leasing companies only lease their trucks, and that’s it. They don’t offer any more assistance for the future. They make you pay out of pocket for things like fuel, tires, and roadside assistance. You’re essentially on your own after the deal is made. That’s not how we operate. Not only do we provide fewer payments and a quicker path to ownership, but we also offer excellent discounts, so you don’t blow your whole budget on our trucks. We offer up to 20% off all truck repairs, up to $50 off on every oil change, 20-cents off of every gallon of fuel, and $100 off yearly roadside assistance. When we help a company lease affordable 18-wheelers, we like to look at it more as a partnership to help get that company to that next level. We want every partnership of ours to succeed. So we do everything we can to make the process easy and financially responsible for our partners to achieve their goals.
When things break down, we’ll be there to back you up. Feel free to contact us by phone or email for any questions or more information on our unique commercial truck leasing opportunities for the Pittsburgh area. We will always go that extra mile for our clients. When it comes to financing semi-truck repairs near Pittsburgh, PA, make Truck Dollars your first and last choice.

Semi-Truck Financing Is
Made Easy
At Truck Dollars.

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