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Commercial Truck Financing with Bad Credit
Near Houston, TX

Head To Truck Dollars For Great Commercial Truck Financing With Bad Credit Near Houston, TX

You can receive excellent bad credit commercial truck financing in the Houston, TX area with Truck Dollars. If you’re a growing business with an increasing demand for your product, you need to be able to fulfill and ship orders on time and with consistency. That means you may need a larger fleet of trucks at your disposal. That’s where we come in. Our top truck leasing company serving the Houston, TX area offers high-performing Class 8 trucks. These trucks are no more than seven years old and have limited mileage. With some truck leasing companies, bad credit can be a huge red flag that may cause them to stop doing business with you and your company. Not here. Our finance programs are constructed to help first-time learners and established owner-operators alike who choose to lease from us. Our bad credit truck leasing opportunities give businesses the best chance to succeed and save no matter what. The best part is, the entire process is as simple as can be. You don’t need to show any bank statements or tax returns when you apply. You simply fill out our application, and you will receive a response from one of our representatives within hours. With terms up to 42 months and an average downpayment of less than twenty percent, you are sure to find a great deal. Once you do, the title is put in your name, not ours. So you are always in total control.
When you choose Truck Dollars for your bad credit commercial truck financing needs in Houston, TX, you can always expect our team to go the extra mile. We don’t just want to put you behind the wheel and then send you on your way. We want to cultivate lasting relationships with our customers. Accidents happen while out on the road, and when they do, we want to make sure you are always covered. While other truck leasing dealerships may make you pay for repairs out of pocket, our plan features a $2,000 pre-approved repair loan. We also offer a Free Hardship Payment Plan to ensure you have money set aside in case of an unexpected emergency. Our experts will always work to make sure you have the best truck leasing experience possible. We even have Repair Advocates on our staff that will help you deal with major repairs in case you need assistance.
Think of us as your partner in this endeavor, and as your partner, we want to make sure you always get the perfect plan. If you have any questions feel free to call or email us. One of our highly knowledgeable representatives will surely be able to assist you with whatever you need. You will be able to lease a fleet of high-end trucks with out any worries about your past financial issues holding you back. Our willingness to work with those companies that may need a little extra guidance is what makes Truck Dollars the premiere destination for commercial financing with bad credit near Houston, TX.

Semi-Truck Financing Is
Made Easy
At Truck Dollars.

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