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Semi Truck Financing Available in Wisconsin

Used Truck Financing

for Owner Operators
How We Fill Your Bank Account:
Our Used Truck Financing Program for YOUR business:

Shorter Finance Terms

Fewer Payments, Faster Ownership


Buy at a Discount

  • 20¢ off Every Gallon of Fuel

  • $20-$50 off Every Oil Change

  • $35-$50 off Every Tire Purchase

  • 10%-20% off Repair Services

  • $100 off Roadside Assistance Every Year

         *See Driver Support Program for Providers and Details


Plan for Repairs

  • $2000 Pre-Approved Repair Loan included if you need it.

  • Free Hardship Payment Plan

    • Use your security deposit to cover an emergency payment or two.

    • Build a repair reserve into your plan for major repairs – no warranty criteria to meet. (*Some credits will require this)


Work with Experts who Work for You

  • Free Insurance Representation if you need it.

  • Repair Advocates on Staff if you experience major repairs and need help.

Other Used Truck Financing Program for THEIR business:




How To Fill Their Bank Accounts:

Longer Finance Terms

More Payments, Less Equity


Buy at Retail

  • Pay full price for fuel

  • Pay full price for PM Services

  • Pay full price for tires

  • Pay full price for repairs

  • Pay full price for roadside assistance 
    *No Driver Support Program

Get Surprised by Repairs, Pay Full Price

  • Pay Out of Your Pocket ​

  • No Hardship Plan – Extra fees added to your account if you need to skip or defer a payment

  • No financial help if you have a major repair

  • Work with Staff who Work for Them

What to expect
  • Application only, no bank statements or tax returns needed.

  • Terms up to 42 months.

  • Average down payment 20% or less. 

  • Application decisions in under four hours.

  • Choose your truck from any dealer or transportation company nationwide (no private sellers) or we will help you search for what you need if time is limited.

  • Title is in your name, not ours.

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We provide competitive used truck automotive financing options for owners!