Repair Financing

The Plan That’s Here for You When Have A Plan……Or When You Need A Plan Fast.

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Save your credit card availability for your personal expenses and keep your business expenses off your personal credit bureaus. By using repair financing, instead of using your savings account or personal credit card, you will be establishing payment history for your business. This strategy gives you a strong business credit profile for your next truck purchase. And you save your personal open credit lines for any of your other needs.




  • Mechanical Repairs Only

  • Repairs Under $15,000 or Over $50,000

  • Average Down Payment about 35-40%

  • Requires bank statements, settlement arrangements or tax returns

  • Limited Term Options

  • Application Decision Within Weeks

  • Payment Processes Vary 

  • Payments Deducted Weekly from Settlements

  • They Choose Your Repair Shop

  • Requires Adding a Warranty to Your Contract

  • Shop Advocacy Not Owner Operator Advocacy 

  • No Additional Discounts or Services for You

  • Mechanical or Vanity Repairs

  • Repairs from $8,000-60,000

  • Average Down Payment about 20%

  • Application Only Process

  • Stretch Your Repair Expense Over 36 Months

  • Application Decision Within 4 Hours

  • We Pay Shop Directly for You, No Hassle

  • Payments Deducted by ACH Monthly

  • You Choose Your Repair Shop

  • Can Add a Warranty if You Choose

  • Invoice Vetting for Your Peace of Mind

  • Automatic Access to Truck Renew Program Discounts and Services