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Truck Dollars is the place to go for first-time buyers or experienced Owner Operators to receive guaranteed semi-truck financing near Miami, FL. Leasing a semi-truck can be quite hard on your wallet. In addition to simply leasing the vehicle itself, you also have to keep your budget in mind when it comes to excess costs such as fuel and repairs. Plenty of truck leasing companies will make you pay for those excess finances out of pocket, which will increase your costs exponentially. Not only do we offer the most affordable truck financing in the Miami, Florida area, we also provide excellent discounts on various expenditures while you’re out on the road. With our fantastic truck leasing discounts on fuel, oil changes, repair services, and roadside assistance, you will be able to travel farther with much more money in your wallet. Our experts will always work with each customer to ensure you are enrolled in the perfect program for your specific financial needs. This is why we offer free insurance representation for those who need it, and we have several Repair Advocates on our staff to help guide you if you run into any significant repair issues. Speaking of repairs, Miami drivers can even receive a $2000 pre-approved repair loan, as well as a Free Hardship Plan, in case major problems occur. We never want you to feel alone while you’re out there on the road in one of our affordable used semi-trucks available for lease in the Miami area.


The guaranteed semi-truck financing for Miami, FL, has never been more accessible than it is with Truck Dollars. When you lease with us, you will only need to fill out our application form. Bank statements and tax returns are never required. Once you submit your application, our team will respond in a matter of hours. The average down payment is 20% or less, so you’ll never have to spend a majority of your budget upfront. If you’re having trouble choosing the right truck, our team of experts will always provide excellent guidance to ensure you get exactly what you need. Every truck we lease is guaranteed to be in the best working condition possible. Our used Class 8 trucks are no more than seven years old to cut back on extreme wear and tear. Plus, our excellent exclusive Driver Support Program provides additional assistance and benefits that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. This includes access to a fuel card program, three complimentary oil changes, and much, much more!


Our highly knowledgeable team always provides the best service possible to assist in your truck leasing needs. Not only will we do everything in our power to put you behind the wheel of an incredible used truck, but we will also provide the resources needed to keep that truck running at a high level for your entire lease. That’s why you should head to Truck Dollars for incredible guaranteed semi-truck financing options for Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas.


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